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Would You Like to Be a Truck Driver? Our Site Provides the Required CDL Skills Testing

Do you want to become a truck driver? There are many benefits of this career, such as the travel opportunities, the variety of industries you can work for, and more. If this is a career path that interests you, earning your commercial driver’s license is a mandatory step in completing your education, training and getting out on the road.

In order to be able to take your skills tests you need to pass your written Knowledge Test.

Knowledge Test – The knowledge tests required of CLP holders will vary depending upon the class of permit you are wanting to obtain. This CDL exam is a written test that must be passed in order to advance on to your skills test. The written CDL test is taken at your local DMV/BMV and study material for these knowledge and endorsement tests can be found free of charge in your state of residence CDL driver’s manual.

Once you have passed your written CDL tests and obtained your CLP (Commercial Learner’s Permit), you are ready for the next step of securing your Commercial Driver’s License.  Here at TTS, we provide the convenience of one-stop testing that the CLP holders need to take.

The Federal CLP requirements state that the following skills will require a passing score:

  • Pre-trip Inspection along with a full “In-Cab” Brake Test
  • On-Site Backing Skills Test (3 different maneuvers)
  • On-the-Road Driving Skills Test
  1. Pre-Trip Inspection Skills Test – CLP holders must identify parts of the truck and/or trailer and talk about their conditions in order to operate a safe vehicle on public roads. Also, CLP holders will need to perform and pass the “In-cab” brake test in order to continue.Note: See back of your state CDL manual for the section on “Vehicle Inspection” for parts that are needed to know for the type of vehicle you will be using for this skills test.
  1. CDL Backing Skills (Basic Control Skills) Test – The three (3) CDL backing maneuver skills test varies for each driver, as this test is physically conducted within the vehicle he or she intends to drive on site. This test is designed to be taken once the driver has passed the vehicle inspection test for their classification of CDL.Note: See back of your state CDL manual for the section on “Basic Vehicle Control” for a description and diagram of each maneuver you may have to perform for the type of vehicle you will be using for this skills test.
  1. CDL Driving Test – CLP holders taking the CDL driving test in the Lawrence County, PA area must be able to safely demonstrate their ability to operate a commercial vehicle on a specific road course approved by the PA Department of Transportation.Note: See back of your state CDL manual for the section on “On Road Driving” test for a possible variety of traffic situations you will need to proficiently perform in a safe and responsible manner for the type of vehicle you will be using for this skills test.

There are three classifications (Class A, Class B, and Class C) that drivers can choose from, which dictate what is needed on your CLP permit. These classifications are separated based on the gross vehicle weight rating of the truck a CLP holder intends to drive. Each class requires the passing of its own knowledge and skills tests.

NOTE: If you already have a CDL and want to upgrade or need to “Lift” a restriction, we are able to test you here at TTS.  Call for further information on what is needed on your permit to get a restriction removed or upgrade your current CDL.

We Provide CDL Testing for the Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia Regions

TTS is able to provide CLP holders who live in surrounding counties and states with a conveniently located testing site.  In some cases, CLP holders may have to take multiple tests, and by utilizing TTS, they can do so all in one place.

We are proud to be a local/regional PA State Department of Transportation Certified CDL skills testing site (Cert #23074) for all of the tests listed above.

Passing the Required CDL Tests Can Help You Start Your Career

Once you’ve passed each federally mandated CDL exam under the CLP requirements standards, you can take your career into many different directions.

With your CDL in hand, you can certainly steer your career toward something that you’re passionate about!

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If you’re interested in learning more about what you may need for your CDL as a new truck driver in a very rewarding field of work, or have any questions about the Class A, Class B or Class C tests required for future drivers, contact our team today. We want to help you get on the road!

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